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    Federal Real Estate Services-
    (Rating: 0 -- Votes: 0) [ Write a Review ]
    We publish foreclosed bank and government property listings across the United States. Link to us and receive a 5% commission on all listing sales generated through your web site. Commissions are paid quarterly. Your web site must have at least moderate traffic to qualify.
    (Added: 26-Feb-1999, Hits: 15) [ Rate This Link ]
    Free and Low Cost Real Estate Forms-
    (Rating: 10 -- Votes: 2) [ Write a Review ]
    Offer your visitors Free and Low Cost Real Estate Forms $1 on every sale you refer. 50 cents for every sale made by sites you have referred. We handle everything including credit card and check sales and all customer service. Monitor all stats online in real time.
    (Added: 12-May-1999, Hits: 18) [ Rate This Link ]
    (Rating: 0 -- Votes: 0) [ Write a Review ]
    LendingTree has paid out over $250,000.00 in the first quarter to our affiliates! Now, bring the bank to YOUR site. LendingTree is the online loan center where lenders bid for consumers’ business. Simply add a link from your site promoting LendingTree or take advantage of one of our co-branded Affiliate Loan Centers. Each time someone from your web site achieves a Specified Page View, you'll receive a competitive fee determined by your affiliate level - up to $12.00 per lead! If you are a home builder, remodeling, or real estate site, ask about our content partner packages.
    (Added: 24-Jun-1999, Hits: 6) [ Rate This Link ]
    (Rating: 0 -- Votes: 0) [ Write a Review ]
    We are a mortgage loan lead generating service which is looking for qualified leads. We are associated with professional mortgage brokers and lenders throughout the United States. We offer a highly competitive payout of $300.00 per loan that funds. We are so confident in our brokers and over 200 lenders, that we offer every mortgage loan product that is out on the market. If we can't complete a loan, then it can't be done.
    (Added: 8-Nov-1999, Hits: 1) [ Rate This Link ]
    Real Estate Secrets Course-
    (Rating: 0 -- Votes: 0) [ Write a Review ]
    The best selling, revolutionary and unique "Real Estate Secrets" course has an excellent program with a 40% payout of $10 per sale of this $24.95 course.
    (Added: 30-Mar-1999, Hits: 6) [ Rate This Link ]
    RPS Relocation Resources-
    (Rating: 0 -- Votes: 0) [ Write a Review ]
    RPS is a nationwide full-service relocation company. We offer free information, resources and services for renting, buying/selling a home, travel, moving, career services, auto/pet transport, schools, kids issues, and much more.
    (Added: 2-Mar-1999, Hits: 10) [ Rate This Link ]
    SearchOnlineRentals.com - Affiliate Program-
    (Rating: 0 -- Votes: 0) [ Write a Review ]
    Take advantge of the expanding online rental listing market. Millions of people are turning to the internet to help find their next home. Join the fastest growing Rental search engine on the web. We provide FREE rental listings to over 250,000 visitors each month. We pay our affiliates .03 per click-through and $10.00 for each PAID enhanced rental listing. You can check your up to the second stats online! Join today and start making money now!
    (Added: 22-Jun-1999, Hits: 5) [ Rate This Link ]
    StreetSmart Real Estate Investor-
    (Rating: 0 -- Votes: 0) [ Write a Review ]
    The premiere destination for individual real estate investors interested in quick turnaround techniques. Hosted by best-selling author and national personality Kevin C. Myers. This is a high volume website offering high demand products. Excellent affiliate program administered by Commission-Junction.
    (Added: 26-Feb-1999, Hits: 10) [ Rate This Link ]
    (Rating: 0 -- Votes: 0) [ Write a Review ]
    Fully searchable nationwide data base of property for sale by owner. Featuring great affiliates program! This is a choice level entry, two tier program, designed to allow the affiliate, "freedom of choice" in commissions. All affiliates recieve a replocated, TURNKEY REAL ESTATE WEB SITE. The "FREE" version pays monthly commissions of $10 or 33% per payed ad, per month. The "REP" version pays $20 or 66% and the "PARTNER" version pays 29.95 or 100% of revenue, each and every month that the ad remains active! All affiliates recieve a real time stats page and may monitor 2nd tier progress at any time. "FREE" version affiliates may upgrade at any time. Software setup is by TAP (the affiliates program) and is seamlessly interfaced to Ibill.
    (Added: 22-Jun-1999, Hits: 6) [ Rate This Link ]

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